Monday, February 5, 2007

It's February and the love is in the air....

Well it has been a busy few days. We had entertainment on Saturday and if you care to hear what you missed you can go to the site listed on yesterdays mail and it will take you to a video of Will doing his thing. I think the most frustrating thing about Rockhoppers is that we get awesome musicians in on Saturdays and we only get a few customers. It is really frustrating when I know my customers would enjoy the event. Next Saturday is an island regular. Steve Jordan. He is teaming up with Ed Newkirk and they have put together an entirely new set of music. Steve's music is awesome and Ed is one of the best guitar players on the island. They will make a terrific duo and will provide a wonderful night of entertainment. The cost is $4.00 cover charge. So come check them out on Saturday. Steve's music can be found at listen for a little while and see if you like it then come check out his music this Saturday and listen to a whole new Steve! It will be a fun event here at Rockhoppers. Well, with a new month comes a new series of community meetings. Tomorrow I will have a meeting with the executive committee of the Progressive Association, followed by the Clinton Chamber and finally by the Clinton Days committee. The Clinton Days Committee is in sorry need of members currently. We are looking for organizations, and individuals who want to have a really fun time and who are civic minded enough to want to create an annual event that will put Clinton on the map. If you are from Whidbey and are interested in this adventure please come down to the meeting tomorrow night at 7:00PM at the Rockhoppers in Clinton. Things are hopping here lately. The meeting room has been rented more frequently and the shop has had many visitors and the number is increasing. It is exciting to see this occurring here. Well, I am going to go. I will try to post later but if not i will post tomorrow.

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