Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Monday

Boy has it been busy! I love that the shop is picking up and that people are finding us. It gives some validity to my ideas! I have a place to share with you. It is a business on the island that is owned by friends of mine. This is a chocolate bar in Langley. Starting this Valentine's Day they will be serving chocolate fondue. I don't know about you, but I love chocolate fondue, and Dan and I will be visiting it this Sunday! Stop by and say "Hi" to Mona and Tony and tell them I sent you! I didn't get a chance to really talk about our show last Saturday. Steve Jordan and Ed Newkirk were absolutely wonderful and the shop was FULL! It was really fun! I would love to see the shop that busy every Saturday evening when we have music! Anyway, the pictures of people in the shop were taken at the show and as you can see everyone was enjoying themselves. Thank you for coming and listening and eating and drinking. We loved it as much as you did! I need to let you all know about our WI-FI. Dan and I have been doing some research about WI-FI as it relates to liability. We did find some references to places in California where free WI-FI hotspots had been used for the distribution of pornography and other illegal usage. The shops where the WI-FI was available was held liable and taken to court in several of the cases. They settled out of court but as of yet the issue has not been addressed in the legal system (at least not that we have found) and we do not want to deal with this issue soooo..... When our shop is closed we will be turning off the WI-FI. When we are open we ask that you come in and use your computer in the shop. I don't police your activity but this policy does tend to promote healthy use of the internet. Thank you for your understanding. This has been a hard thing for us to address but we finally had to bite the bullet. Thanks for your understanding (REALLY)! Well I guess that is about all for now. We got new fans for the shop and they got put up by Dan on Saturday. He ordered two more to go on the ceiling as well so we can have four. This way the air will hopefully really move this summer when it gets hot. Anyway, come see us this week and keep us in mind for group gatherings and meetings. If you are a knitter keep in mind that we have a knitting group meeting now on Wednesdays at 5:30 and they would love to have more people join them. If you don't knit bring your crocheting and if you don't do either of those bring embroidery or crewel work or needlepoint. It's all good. Come join us for some fun at Rockhoppers.

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