Monday, August 1, 2011

Snake on Our Car

Ok so let me explain that when I was younger I had a totally irrational fear of snakes. I believe this originated from our time in Montana but it doesn't matter. By the time I was a teenager if I saw a worm long enough to be a snake I freaked! You know the fight or flight thing? Well I took to the air baby!

Anyway, one night Dan and I were on a date and we were driving down the road when this long black thing started slithering up the hood of the car. I was so busy trying to get out the back of the car that I did not have time to even comprehend that the thing was not a snake but a cord used on the radiator so you could start your car on a cold cold morning. Dan laughed so hard he almost wrecked the car and I was a total wreck myself! No parking that night!

I bring up this story because of the following video. It was found on the CNN website. Hope you enjoy it and tell me "Would you have pulled over and let the snake off the car?" I'm thinking not so much!

Ain't no snakes on Whidbey Island.

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