Monday, May 16, 2011


It's been a while since we posted viewings of current movies. We just have not been going to see many but the last couple of weeks we have been viewing some really enjoyable movies. This review is of Thor.

First of all let me complain! $31 for two to see a movie. You HAVE to buy the glasses for a 3D movie and then you are encouraged to give them back to the theater to be "recycled". Can anyone say "repackaged"? Of course what do you do with a few hundred pairs of 3D glasses?

Okay that was not a great vent but it is a valid one. I spent a lot more time complaining to Dan. So now for the movie:

ehhh! It was a fun movie but missed it's target in the love story. There was no chemistry and it was just not believable. Now that is saying a lot considering the story line! The truth is I liked the story. I enjoyed the movie but in the end.. It was not worth $31. The only 3D movie I really want to see is Harry Potter and he cant come soon enough. Sorry Thor. You looked much better in Adventures in Babysitting.

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