Sunday, August 15, 2010

We Go To Buckley for the Renaissance Faire

The hottest day of the year and we decide to go to Buckley! We leave the water and the cooler temps and we head to the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Faire. This day was for Mary, Randy, Dan and I and was in celebration of Dan and my anniversary and Mary's Birthday. We had gone to Camlann Medieval Village and truly enjoyed it several years ago so we felt certain we would enjoy this faire as well. We would have had a ball had it not been so hot!

I truly felt for those in costumes! They were very very good costumes but had to be incredibly hot! Still here is some of the pictures we took while there and then I have included a list of some of the entertainers that were there this year. Next year we will plan on going but only on a much cooler day.

Cavallo Equestrian Arts

These riders were truly born to perform. With six generations of circus bareback acrobatic skills under his belt, director Olissio Zamperla Zoppe has created two breathtaking shows for this year's Faire. The full contact Joust features battle weight lances and shields, and pulse-pounding, no holds barred battle that will leave you on the edge of your seat. The knights compete as well in the games of the Tournament, displaying their skills at the Quintain, Rings, Capture the Flag and the Gauntlet. Their second show, Ma'Ceo, is a gypsy themed equestrian performance that includes daredevil cossack riding, horseback juggling and truly unbelievable acrobatics.


A classy Celtic fiddler and her rogue husband began toplaybeautiful music together one summer evening several years ago. So they started performing music with The Society for Renaissance Performers asSilverStrings. Mike and Diane will fill the valley and hills with their renditions of lovely Celtic music, jigs, reels, waltzes, hornpipes andairsfor your pleasure and enjoyment. Dancing is always welcome!

WELT - Worldly Entertainers and Leather Throwers

The Black Banner with Red W logo can only mean one thing.... That Worldly Entertainers and Leather Throwers aka. WELT has made it to the Washington Midsummer Renaissance Festival, Master performers and whip artist performing a myriad of skills that boggle the mind and set the heart racing. A non stop thrill ride of a show that is truly not to be missed. From the like minds of some of the worlds most skilled leather throwers comes WELT a troupe formed of professional fight choreographers and whip artists from stage and screen. The WELT Troupe was formed when acclaimed whip artists James Storms and Michael MacOmber re-united after touring with the award winning Sultans of Sling performance Troupe together they assembled a team of performers that compliment all of the sport whipping disciplines from speed and sport cracking to wrapping and cutting to the FireWhip. Performing throughout the US this team of extreme artists and actors bring a new twist on the traditional skills of old adding a one of a kind flair that will keep audiences mesmerized.

This fair was very well done with a lot of entertainment. Please do go to their site and see all the events! Just press on their highlighted name to take you there. It could have provided more tents over the seating areas so people did not have to sit out in the sun but other than that it was a wonderful event.

We Travel off Whidbey Island.

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