Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A Movie Review of "SALT"

Who doesn't love Angelina Jolie? Well ok not "love" perse but at least is not intrigued by her? Well I will admit there are some strange people out there but you gotta show some interest in a beautiful woman, who not only is an actress with umpteen hundred kids but also is a spokeperson for UNICEF?? Ok if you dont like her then what about those tats? Okay if you still adamently hate her then skip this post and this movie because it is all about Angelina!

Those of you that know me and many who do know that I love mysteries and adventures. I love action movies and especially ones with a semi good plot! That being said... This movie was Okay... It was action packed, and the first half of the movie was pretty good with a pretty good plot set up. I like twists and turns and this one had a few but about 1/2 way through the movie.. it became predictable and (I do hate to say this)kind of tedious. It lost its zing and consequently my interest! The final insult was the obvious opening for a sequel! YUCK! Why cant we have good movies that offer no sequels? What happened to original movies with original stories and if we want sequels we will ask for them but until then the story stands alone with no obvious intent to capitalize on it's gross income from the showbox?

This movie rated a drip from me.. not my favorite movie and although the first hour was entertaining I found the movie unfulfilling.

Salt on Whidbey Island.

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