Sunday, August 8, 2010

In Memoriam: Patricia Neal

Patricia Neal passed away today. A lot of people may not remember her. I do. She played many wonderful characters in her life but my favorite by far was Olivia Walton in "The Homecoming". After reading her bio I find that her biggest challenge and her biggest legacy was not necessarily acting but overcoming the disabilities left from a stroke when she was in her late 30's.

Less than two years after winning the Academy Award for her role in HUD, she suffered a series of strokes. She was 39 years old. Due to her stroke she was unable to walk or talk. After much therapy, She returned to the screen to earn another Oscar nomination and three Emmy nominations.In Knoxville, there is the Patricia Neal Rehabilitation Center specializing in therapies used with patients struggling with the results of strokes, and spinal cords and brain injuries.

Rest in Peace Patricia. I did not know you except on screen but I will miss you just the same.

Patricia Neal passes away off Whidbey Island.

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