Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Annual Jim Harwell Softball Tournament

Well, since we decided to really start promoting our blog again and I again have my "eye on the prize" (so to speak) we have gotten significantly busier on the island. This weekend found us hosting a softball tournament at Dan Porter Park.

So let me explain how this event began....Mikkel and I are working at the church on our outreach project for St. Peters. We get hungry and decide to go to have lunch so...trallaldedooo... we go to Speedboat Cafe. It's hot and we are just talking and lo and behold we come to talking about having a water fight. Well we decide it would be really fun to have a spontenious water fight at the church but then we realize there just are not enough kids around the church for it to turn into any big we move the water fight to Dan Porter park..but there still are not enough kids or adults at any given time so we should advertise... We COULD GET THE FIRE DEPARTMENT TO EMPTY THIER TRUCKS FOR WATER!! Wow!! and with advertising I bet it could be a really big event...wait! Would the park let us do this..UMMM NO! and what about LIABILITY? Ok so that wont work but we could stay with the old time theme and do old fashioned rootbeer floats and softball games! Make a tournament and we could name it after Jim Harwell...YEAH.. All in agreement? It's a go! Rene will start advertising and well we will go from there.

So Rene prints posters, and sends them out to all the businesses she can get to along with talking to all managers, owners ect. and explaining that this is an event for the whole community and we want to get the shops to get customers to sign up for the games so we can have several games and it can become a tournament.

Then...Mikkel went on vacation...Jeff got busy with July 4th events at his shop and then running his cafe and ...Rene was here, busy with life and the softball tourney. Needless to say the event went off ok but it did have it's glitches. All in all though it was decided that next year we would do this again and this time some of the players even volunteered to help organize this wonderful event.

As for the event itself.. We had two teams. One of the teams was officially organized and represented Island Drug. The other was called the Stragglers and it was comprized of members of the community that just wanted to play and have fun. The umpire was me when I wasnt talking to people, and Mikkel when I was. The catcher for both teams was Mikkel and Jason Kalk from Lincoln Computers was the pitcher. The competition was great and as you can see everyone got into the fun! So next year plan on joining in if you can. We promise you will hear more about this event come next summer and something may develop in the next couple of months with some of the same characters... Can anyone say kickball?

Softball on Whidbey Island.

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