Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First Blog on Trip to Tucson AZ

Dan and I don't often get the opportunity to travel. We usually spend our vacation time at home doing things around the house and having BBQ's, but this year we decided to spend some of Dan's hard earned miles and points and go to Tucson Arizona.

When Dan and I lived in San Diego, we frequented the Anzo-Borrego Desert in California and ventured into western Arizona often but we never got over as far East as Phoenix or Tucson. So we decided to fly into Phoenix and drive to Tucson where we would spend our four day vacation.

Let me say that traveling from an area where the temperature is in the 50's and raining to traveling to an area where the cactus grow and the temps were in the high 90's is like traveling to Mars! What a harsh environment! It got me wondering about the ranchers who settled in Arizona and the housing they used to keep cool. This will be another post though since I did explore the use of adobe and how life must have been in the early 1800's on the Arizona desert floor.

For today I will share pics of the Sonoran Desert Zoo. We spent about three or four hours there on our first full day in Arizona and although I enjoyed the animals (especially the hummingbird exhibit!) I found myself fascinated more by the cactus which were just ending their blooming cycle. WOW! There were so many specimen. Although I had seen the desert in bloom it had never been up close to see each of the plants that bloomed. (I saw the Anza-Borrego desert in bloom from a vantage point in the foothills several times but for one reason or another, when we explored the desert it was always done blooming.)

So here is some pictures of the Zoo. I hope you will enjoy them and tomorrow I will post some more about our visit to Arizona.

It Aint Whidbey Island.

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