Thursday, March 18, 2010

Just to let you know we are still here

OK so I was reminded this week that there are some of you out there that actually do check in on this blog at times. I am sorry for not posting more frequently. The truth is life has pretty well ramped up it's activities lately and Dan and I are really having trouble keeping up.

Dan has been on the road for the last two weeks. One week in Alabama and the other in St.Petersburg Florida. He was home for 12 hours last week before he got on the plane and headed out again. It is OK that he is so busy. He has a job he likes and they like him and he survived the round of lay offs they just had where 1/3 of the work force was layed off. So we are good. We are hoping he will return to a normal schedule this next week but it isnt our call so we will see what happens.

I went from being lazy grandma with a dirty house to being a busy grandma with a dirty house. I applied for a job as an activities director this last week and it went very well. I am waiting for a call back for a second interview. I worked on the non-profit that Mikkel and I are creating as an outreach for St.Peter's, and I worked on getting island musicians to send in submissions for a compilation CD for the Island Arts Council. So all in all it was a pretty busy time.

The goal for this weekend is to finally get to cleaning up the house! This is a goal I have set for the last three months... oh well! But this weekend is finally going to get nice and it is time to start that much needed spring cleaning so Dan and I will have to get our waders on and get to work!

So here is the post for the most part. I am also including a post in as a info thing for the musicians located on Whidbey Island. I will try and post a more entertaining post this evening or tomorrow but for now.. Have a great Day!

Spring Cleaning on Whidbey Island.

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