Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year, New Resolve

Tonight we went to Mary and Randy's and we watched Julie/Julia. I thought it was a delightful movie but would not have paid $10 per person to go see it.. still it did get me thinking.

It is a new year and this year I have set some pretty high goals. First and foremost is get the house cleaned up, organized and looking really nice inside. I want the library organized and my studio organized. Then I want to begin having once a week dinner parties. The idea is to invite 4 to 6 people over for a dinner and conversation. Each week will be different people and the goal is to invite people to get to know one another and make friends. I want to host a once a week gathering of like spirits who want to discuss current events and then once a week (initially) I want to do a gal pal crafting time. So I really need to get the house in order!

Come this summer I want to prep and paint our house and garage, get our shed cleaned out and the vehicles we no longer use off to wherever! I want to put down new sawdust on the floor of the shed and figure out how to seat people and make them comfortable and put down our stage and host some local shows!

Come next fall I want to do some special events for the fall and the holidays. They arent planned yet but as soon as they are I will let you know.

Add to that, I want to start blogging daily! I promised I would work on Blog Whidbey and get it up and going and my daily blog will comprise of ways to live creatively! I will include recipes, designs, poetry ect. As part of my blog Whidbey and Rockhoppers Daily Grind posts I want to start doing a radio show or a podcast that would be weekly. So I have set some pretty high goals for myself!

On top of all this I promised myself that I would finally enter two well known craft shows this year! That means I need to do inventory! OH MY!

So for this year I promise to post daily and the purpose will be to show how I live creatively and hopefully show you how you can to.

For my first post on creative living I will post my poem that I created for my mother this Christmas. I put it on the back of a painting and the goal was to remind my mom of a special night walk we shared the first week we moved up on Mount Spokane many many years ago.

I remember…

The cold icy snow

As it covered the ground and

Left tree branches

to full to hold

The white glittery load.

The trees shaking


Veils of small diamond dust

And the moon looked down on

A land of lace

and crystals

in silence.

Rene Schlangen, copyright December 21, 2009

Living Creatively on Whidbey Island.

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