Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thought for the Week

Thanksgiving. Remember junior high school, high school, elementary school, everybody bringing in cans for the hungry people? Remember that? Just imagine, if somebody, when you were in fifth, sixth grade, if the principal had the gonads to say on Monday: 'Children, it was the most single, wonderful outpouring of generosity that this school has ever seen. More cans of food feeding a hundred and ninety-three families came to this school than ever before. We only have one problem and we’re gonna deal with it this coming week. We’re gonna cancel our regular classes and what we’re gonna talk about is: What are those people gonna eat next week?’ Now doesn’t that sound like a sensible educational system that dealt with those kind of questions?
- Harry Chapin

Please give to Operation Sack Lunch. Bev & company feed the homeless those other 364 days of the year. Thank you.

Food parity on Whidbey Island.

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