Monday, September 21, 2009

My Hospital Adventures

Many of my friends know about my recent surgery. I got to spend two days in the hospital, and all things considered it wasn't entirely unpleasant. The nurses were awesome! They were always there with a friendly smile and great care and concern, as well as lots of encouragement.

One of the most uncomfortable things about abdominal surgery is gas. In my case, my gut shut down for about 24 hours after the surgery, and the gas just builds up. The doctors and nurses are aware of this, and make sure they get you up and moving around as soon as possible after your surgery. With this in mind, you would think they would feed you foods that were low on the gas-producing scale of things.

So what did I get to eat, you ask? The first real meal was a lunch; broiled fish, cabbage, and rice. Next? There was corned beef with broccoli, and potatoes, The rest, I can't recall specifically (after all, I WAS on drugs!) But the vegetables we all of the gas-producing varieties...broccoli, cabbage, and beans! oh my! Needless to say, gas was clearly an issue!

Obviously, I survived the efforts of the kitchen staff to make me explode, and returned home to my convalescence.

hospital stays on Whidbey Island.

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