Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lazy Blogger

Okay, so I've been lazy!

Well, not really... I've just been incredibly busy. Not the normal busy, but up a few notches! I work at a full-time job. 40 hours a week, currently the 10 pm to 6 am shift. Work has been very busy lately. Usually I'm like the Maytag repairman, waiting for something to break, but with new equipment in the building, and lots of new things to learn about this equipment, I've been hopping! You see, new equipment is supposed to be better, easier to fix, and so on, but the reality is that there is a learning curve. Yes, it works fairly well for such a complex system, but because its complex, it's easy to break. You click on the wrong thing at the wrong time, or lack the patience to wait for something to load, and guess what?! It's down. I've had to learn all the quick fixes in a very short time. Creates a little stress at work.

Now, add into the mix that I'm taking college classes. Yup, about 3/4 time, so that adds the equivalent of at least a part-time job to the already busy work schedule.

Oh, did I mention a family at home? All you Moms know that it never ends... even when the kids get older, the house still needs to be cleaned, shopping done, cooking, the list goes on...

Oh yes, did I mention we have animals? ... Cow, Dog, Cats, Chickens, all require a measure of your time. Not to mention the time it takes to keep a couple acres of lawn mowed. Thankfully my husband does a great deal of work in this area, kind takes a bit of the load off!

So then, what do I do? My husband swears I'll meet myself coming through the door one day, and I sign on to sell Natural Body Care products in my "spare" time! HA! Truthfully, the products are that good, that I had to be able to share them with others! ( For inquiring minds, the company is called Sensaria. If you haven't heard of them, I'm not surprised, they are still fairly small, and although from my local area, have representatives all over the country!)

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth, it's just that blogging takes a lower precedence on the list of things that must get done. Needless to say, my world is hopping! I do try to find time to the fun stuff, movies, dinners with friends, quiet time to play on my computer, and of course reading!

Busy on Whidbey Island.

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