Thursday, July 9, 2009

Poetry Slam

Here's the video of the last poetry slam at Rockhoppers. There's a short intro video, that continues way too long into the poem composing time -- then the actual poetry slam video.

Some of the performers are difficult to hear. One of the main reasons for our open mic events are so people can learn how to effectively use a microphone. They're a great tool, but you have to practically eat them for them to work, and most people are uncomfortable with this.

Poetry on Whidbey Island.


jim said...
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jim said...

Thanks so much for sharing your gifts!!!
Thanks so much for working all shifts!!!
Thanks so much for all you have done!!!
Rene Rocks the Rockhopper!!!
And we all had great fun!!

E.Leo Mosonary
Author of Backlit on the Backlot, The Truth behind Harry Monument

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