Monday, June 1, 2009

The Migraine

I have been afflicted with migraines off and on for over 25 years. I'm lucky, generally they're mild headaches and last only a short time (less than 24 hours). Unfortunately, my body has decided to be really confused, and has created "female problems" for me. UGH! Because the hormones are all out of whack, I've been getting more migraines than normal, and they have been far more severe. The first doozy was 3 weeks ago and my head ached for 5 days, and four of those I was overly sensitive to light and sound. Luckily, the one that hit me yesterday was more normal, visual disturbance followed by a mild headache and this morning, I'm pretty much back to normal.

I didn't start writing this to complain about my health, really! What I wanted to share with you was the fact that, if not for the headache that often follows, the visual disturbance is kind of cool. If you've experienced it, need I say more? If not, there's no real good way for me to describe it. I did find a web site that has images drawn by artistic migraine sufferers depicting what they see. Just surfing around at this site was interesting.

I also found this video at Mayo clinic with a description of the migraine aura (what I call the visual disturbance). Video: Migraine aura You probably won't want to watch it all, but the section on the aura has a video depicting a typical aura. Unless of course, you wish to further educate yourself!

Then these You-tube videos describe it pretty well, too!

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