Thursday, June 18, 2009

Coming to Rockhoppers

Hi everyone, Tonight Dan is running the shop as I am going in for my sleep study. Those of you that know me know I have been having a hard time with insomnia and my wonderful hubby thinks it is due to apnea. So we go see what is happening! Ick! what is worse is the second study (next week ) is happening on my birthday!

So since my birthday is my 50th and since I really love having friends around for celebrations and fun... We are throwing a 50th birthday on Wednesday the 24th at 2:00Pm to 10:00PM. There will be cake and ice cream and those of you that are musicians are invited to come bring your instruments and jam for a while. In the meantime we just want to spend time enjoying the evening!

Friday June 26th Rockhoppers welcomes Barnum Jack. Barnum Jack is an acoustic music duo currently based in Bellingham,Washington. They play progressive old-time family-style song, fiddle tunes, and traditional-tinged contemporaries and originals. Barnum Jack was born out of a musical friendship dating back about seven years between Matt Novak and Allegra Ziffle, when they met in Bellingham and started playing music together. In March 2003 they founded Quickdraw String Band and started performing together on a regular basis. Now, as of March 2009, they two are Barnum Jack.

Barnum Jack is innovative and progressive while simultaneously remaining grounded in the the American old-time music tradition, thereby pushing and expanding that tradition that much deeper and wider into and among the contemporary American experience. Their repertoire consists of wide-ranging selections from public domain to covers from those such as the Blue Sky Boys and Stanley Brothers to popular indy favorites Iron and Wine and Bonnie Prince Billy, as well as a full gamut of select fiddle tunes, and some of their own original tunes and songs. Between the two of them, Matt and Allegra have released four full-length albums and have been included on three compilation albums, two by major record labels Righteous Babe Records and Shut Eye Records. Barnum Jack begins at 7:00PM and there is a $5.00 Cover per person with all proceeds going to the band.

Saturday June 27th, Rockhoppers welcomes back Kate Graves. She is one of Rockhoppers favorites and it is wonderful when she can come visit us. Kate Graves writes little songs....little songs that are raw. She tries to spread them around like wildflower seeds. She likes wildflowers. If she could be a plant, she would be a thistle branch. She sometimes worries that by saying she would be a thistle branch, she is saying that she symbolically pricks things, but she still picks the thistle branch as her flower totem. She is now wondering why she used the word totem to describe the flower she would be. Kate Graves is neurotic. She’s okay with this term and generally uses it as a term of endearment...or when somebody is really bugging her. Kate Graves just went off on a tangent while writing her bio... Kate Graves writes little songs. Sometimes they are sparse...sometimes filled with lots of little words. Often they are written about things like tasting sweet orange on your lips and wanting to kiss someone, so that they might experience tasting sweet orange on their lips. Kate Graves likes kissing. And singing. And trying to explain to the world that her chihuahua is just scared and not really cold-hearted. Kate Graves hopes that you will forgive her for writing her name six times over in this little bio. She hopes very much so that you will listen to one or all of her songs by coming to Rockhoppers at 8:00PM. You can catch her music at There will be a $5.00 cover with all the proceeds going to the musician. Come to Rockhoppers for dinner at 6:00PM and plan on spending the whole evening. Our Saturdays are a terrific time to make new friends and have a wonderful night out.

Birthdays on Whidbey Island.

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