Monday, April 6, 2009

I am throwing things at the wall again...Hope they stick!

Blame it on spring,or the sun or just some much needed sleep but I am up and at it again. First off is the Co-op. Our next meeting will be Saturday April 18th at 4:00PM. We will be discussing the upcoming open house for artists and arrangements of the shop. This will be a business meeting for us and a time to share ideas. If you are interested in beeing a part of this group please plan on being here.

Next is this wacky idea that I should try and do some teaching soon. I miss this activity and I have been working on a variety of projects that I am now getting finished finally! I would love to do a class on altered books. Is there anyone out there that might want to do this? I will be putting up posters at the crafts store and other areas and hope that some people will sign up for it. My other idea is a needle night. I love doing beadwork and crochet and embroidery and am wondering if any of you might like to join me for a needlework group?

I am still looking to put a radio show together for Rockhoppers and I would love an evening a week with a speaker or a small independent movie that elicits a discussion. I need to explore these a little more but know they are in the works.

I do have a book signing coming up later this month and hopefully will be picking up more of these. And as you may have noticed I am picking up musicians from over town as well as on the island. This will provide variety and help fill my calendar for events. I hope you will take up some of the things offered here at Rockhoppers and that we will see you soon.

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