Friday, March 27, 2009

Well it is a little late in posting

For the last two weeks we have noticed a sharp decline in our day activities and a steep incline in our evenings. On Wednesday of this week we had a group of people from the Unity church who came and shared a video called "The Power of Forgiveness". What an awesome movie! This movie not only created a wonderful tool for conversation but stirred it's audience into a conversation that truly reflected the type of environment that Rockhopper's would like to see here.

This movie was very thought provoking and timely. While I have been to Manhattan since the twin towers came down, I have to admit the impact was not quite as great as seeing the towers collapse in this movie. There was some coverage of the jet hitting the towers that was not covered in news because of the rawness of it and I found that the coverage of this left me with very exposed nerve endings. It hurt all over again. Still this movie made me think and all in all I am a happy person who can forgive. I choose not to forget but vengence is not mine... ever.

Still this movie brought up some very interesting discussions and I am greatful I saw it with these people.

If you have something like this that you would like to put on the table for a group to discuss.. how about giving us a call and let's start sharing!! Rockhopper's is for discussions about politics, religion, finances and ideas. We want to be the place to come and share opinions and ideas over a glass of wine, a bottle of beer or a cup of coffee.

In the meantime check out this movie. The Power of Forgiveness.

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