Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Kindle 2

I was asked what I would consider to be necessary accessories for the Kindle. ( 1 or 2) Here's my list, short and sweet:

A case or cover. After spending that amount of money, it's wise to get a case to protect it it when not in use! You don't have to spend a fortune on a case, the stock case from Amazon for $29.95 isn't half bad! If you're crafty, check out Rhonlynn's blog, she has direction for knitting and felting your own cover!

Kindle 2 cover

A light. While I don't own one of the clip-on lights, I've often considered getting one. ( Normally, I read in areas that have plenty of light, but on those rare occasions, an extra light would be nice!)

light bulb

There you have it, Mary's short list. Anything else would be purely superfluous.

In case you're wondering, I've never felt a need to have a spare battery, there's always plenty of warning when the battery gets low, and the charger is small enough to carry in my purse. (especially on the Kindle 2!)

A tip for you new Kindle owners: Turn on the wireless only when you need it, and off when you're done. This will save your battery for the essential stuff, like reading! The Kindle 2 has made the on/off switch for the wireless a software function, so no more fumbling for the back of your Kindle to switch it off (and hoping you got the correct switch!). I will post more as I think of things. Or...Feel free to ask, that gives me ideas for the next post!!

Kindle 2 Whidbey Island.

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