Thursday, March 12, 2009

Comic Tuesday

Stricken Pot Pie

A little late, but here is this weeks web comic: Stricken Pot Pie. This is both a comic and an art project, because the comic is embroidered. Each week, a new embroidery, with a couple recurring characters and a simple story line. The comic is brand new this year, so it will be fun seeing where it goes, and for how long.

Here's the "About" blurb from the site: Stricken Pot Pie is an embroidered comic strip produced by Kristen Shirts. Kristen lives in New York City with one husband and seven ukuleles. The bear’s name is Emory. The bird’s name is Marjorie. No, there will never be a story arc in which they fall in love. Don’t be gross.

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