Wednesday, November 5, 2008

This Week at Rockhoppers

Okay this month has not exactly started off the right way for me. I hate being home in bed when music is going at Rockhoppers! Then I come back and man did I screw up! I forgot about open mic completely, shut down the shop at 5:00PM and went shopping with my daughter in law. Now granted, I did get some much needed items for the store but ..... to forget open mic completely .... BADDD BADDD RENE!!! My sincere apologies go to Eric and to Che' and to any of you musicians who showed up only to find we were closed. Open mic will be running again next week and I will be here! I promise!

So on to this week at Rockhoppers. Saturday evening Rockhoppers welcomes Che' and his musical experiment/ experiment music. If you are feeling really adventuresome, come check out the music/noise. Che promises robots, boobies and lots of adult humor. (Relax men, the boobies are not live and there will not be any nude dancing!) Dinner will be served at 6:00PM and will be a roast with new potatoes and green beans. Dessert will be a German Apple Cake and soup will be squash chowder. I figure comfort food would be a good way to start off this evening since the music promises to be anything but comfortable. This evening is R rated and not encouraged for children.

So there is the week in a nutshell. I will be posting the calendar on Friday but there are still several openings for music this month and next month. So if you want to schedule yourself or your group for a Saturday.. give me a call and lets get you on the schedule.

For those of you that are interested.. Rockhoppers is planning a great yuletide decoration party. We will be turning Rockhoppers into a Winter wonderland for Christmas and holding a Christmas party where pictures can be taken with Santa in December. So keep us in mind for the holidays.

Also, I want to let you all know that if you do art and are interested in holding your own show (like the shows in the Front Room and Bayview) then we are available for an event like that. This is something I would really love to promote and I am hoping that there are some people out there who would be interested in exploring this idea with me. Give me a call and lets see what we can set up for you.

what is happening at Rockhoppers?


che edoga said...

Don't worry about tuesday. We were just as happy to go home, drink, play music, and watch Obama win!!!!!

As for saturday, I promice not to make it too bad. I'll even throw in some traditional folksy type music for those of you with delicate ears.


Anonymous said...

I'm confident that there will a plane load of people from Los Angeles flying up this week-end to see/hear amazing Che and check out his latest hairdo.

Neal Kleiner

Che Edoga said...

Here is teh song list as it now stands. No promices as to pulling this off or not.


1) Charlie Song 10 minutes

Using 2 IR sensors to “play” Charlie Sensors change volume and pitch of outgoing sound, which are then converted into sounds played by another computer and a synthesizer. Think of this as an ice breaker. If you can make it through this, you should be fine.

2) Jims Big Ego Song 5 minutes

For your sake I hope there is no afterlife, don’t look down. This is a song written by a folk artist much more brilliant than myself, and therefore stolen with style. This will be the first piece of the evening to feature the 12 string tap style bass.

3) Robot Movie 01 10 minutes

My first attempt at making a movie using robots. A robot wanders around the streets of Los Angeles looking for love, finds it, and looses it.

4) Ani Defranco Song 5 minutes

Coming of age during the plague of Reagan and Bush, Your Next Bold Move. Here again a song, sort of hollow performed on the 12 string tap style bass.

5) Robot Movie 02 10 minutes

A young girl robots quest to get a new body causes her mother to become a prostitute.

6) Wake Up Song 5 minutes

This is a more traditional folk song based on a ring tone from my cell phone. Its about a young man who hears voices, and dies of depression after medicine takes the voices away.

7) Tuvan Throat Song 5 minutes

Tuvan throat singers are the original screamo…Enough said.

End Set One

8) Bag Piece 10 minutes

The performer plays violin in a red dance bag. A robot (Charlie) uses a video camera to monitor the location of the center of the bag. The robot then sends this information to another robot which is reading a poem. The robot reading the poem pitch shifts its reading based on the information from the original robot…and the cycle continues.

9) YouTube 10-15 minutes

Audio from Youtube video clips is used to make a sound collage of what people are currently viewing.

10) Hell in a Hand Basket 5 minutes

A folk song about the current state of affairs

11) PD Piece 10

Pure data is used to make a visual collage of women being comfortable with their bodies.

12) 3 Day Storm (PD Piece 2)

In the story the left hand of darkness there is a passage that describes two people trapped in a wind storm that lasts 3 days. One of the two people is ambisexual, and enters a sexually active state while trapped in the tent. This piece is inspired by that passage.

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