Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Coming on Friday!!

Well, I finally posted November's calendar. Here is the scoop on this Friday's special guest.

Lisa Marshall is having a CD release party at Rockhoppers on Friday November 14th. Mark your calendars for this event. Lisa will be singing and signing her CD's from 9:00PM to 11:00PM. Lisa Marshall is a Rhythm & Blues singer who is influenced by Motown, Soul, and Rock n’Roll. Vocally inspired by vocalist like Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight, Mavis Staples and Janis Joplin. Her song-writing is primarily influenced by R&B, rock, and gospel such as Tina Turner, the above mentioned to Led Zeppelin, & the Rolling Stones and The Beatles.

Lisa "belts 'em out like Janis Joplin and can gyrate like master contortionist Joe Cocker," writes Monterey journalist Beth Peerless - Monterey Herald ; Monterey, CA.

Marshall lives in Seattle,WA. She performs locally solo with her acoustic guitar and with her band, and is working on an acoustic act with “call and answer” style vocals with her 3 backup singers. She has released her first solo CD called “Simple”. The vocals are true to her style and love for R&B and Soul. The songs encompass a gritty, funky vibe, a departure from her past Southern Rock style. Lyrically she draws from early Blues singers speaking her beliefs, speaking out with a call out to up lift and empower her listeners...” erase from your mind all the bad that’s been done to you, all the good things you are let it shine, shine, shine...drinking cup raise it up, got my voice gonna raise it up!”-Swamp Song by Lisa Marshall. “I don’t like putting myself in a box. It’s difficult to predict what a song may evoke in the listener. ” The CD will be released into the digital world of web radio, college radio, pod-casts, downloadable singles and album from her website and digital distribution sites, and Marshall will begin short touring cycles of cities and festivals. Recently Lisa Marshall, with her band, delivered a high energy performance at The University Street Fair at the University of Washington in Seattle which led to an invitation to headline a Peace Concert, and ongoing summer event, at the Seward Park Amphitheater on August 12 in Seattle, WA. Lisa Marshall’s solo CD “SIMPLE” was released May 12, 2008.

"First time I heard Lisa, I just stopped, stared and was glued to my spot until she finished...I couldn't believe her sound, it was that good and that unique. I've seen some of the best, but she's the kind of talent that raises the bar for us all while never once acting like it." -Susan Apple, Veteran Las Vegas singer of l5 years

“....Lisa sings. She might remind you of ARETHA FRANKLIN or BESSIE SMITH....Lisa has a wonderful voice for this kind of music.” -Jack Little, MetalMaidens.com

So come join us at Rockhoppers on Friday November 14th from 9:00PM to 11:00PM. There will be a $5:00 cover charge. Dinner will be offerred that evening from 6:00PM to 8:00PM. Reservations required.

rockhoppers will hop this Friday on Whidbey Island.

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