Thursday, October 2, 2008

Note to Anonymous

Dear Anon,

While I do appreciate your comments I cannot or will not post rants that call others names. This blog is a social blog for a coffeehouse and it is intended to be fairly friendly. I have posted a few times when the intent was to share an opinion on current politics much like discussions that occur here in the coffeehouse. However as in the coffeehouse, I prefer the arguments to be more centered on debate and less on anger. If you could reword your "rant" (your words not mine.) to be more of a debate then I would gladly post it.

I do find myself agreeing with a lot of what you stated and I hope you might consider it. Also if you could make it a little shorter and or include a link so our readers could go to your blog to catch more of your ideas.

Again I apologize but I do have business that is part and parcel of this blog and I must consider all my customers. I hate doing this form of censorship but at times it is prudent. Thanks.

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