Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Read This! Daily Lit

Daily Lit

One of the reasons I started the Read This! series of posts is to encourage reading, and showcase the variety of free reading material available online. The problem is that most people are too busy to read online material for more than a few minutes each day. Daily Lit solves this problem by breaking up books into readable chunks. Retief!

Sign up with Daily Lit, and they'll send you about 5-minutes worth of text from your choice of hundreds of books, by email or RSS. Every day you get just enough text to let you read for a few minutes (you can adjust how much). Soon you've read a whole book -- sometimes over hundreds of days! The service is free for most books, but there are also books available for a small fee (I assume these pay for the whole service). Daily Lit is a great service, and the range of free books is pretty good. Crome Yellow

I recommend Crome Yellow, by Aldous Huxley; Retief!, by Keith Laumer; and Good Experience Columns, by Mark Hurst. All these, and hundreds more are available at Daily Lit, so go read a book: a few paragraphs at a time.

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