Monday, August 25, 2008

Family Visits, Part Two

Whoa, have I been busy lately!! Here is the promised part two of my visit with my sister Becky. One of my favorite places to visit in Seattle is the Museum of Flight

Rumpler Taube My husband & I have been there countless times through the years, and it has always been fun to see the changes. The Museum of Flight has a wonderful collection of civilian as well as military aircraft. On this visit my favorite was the Rumpler Taube. This aircraft is a work of art! A beauty to the eye, it's form and function blend in a most pleasing way.Taube -tail section Of course we got lucky in timing our visit, on the first Thursday of the month in Seattle, a number of places (museums,etc) are open for free after 5:00pm. The Museum of Flight was one!

Cherry Point vineyard

After spending the night in Tukwila, we got on the Victoria Clipper for our trip to Victoria BC. We were served a champagne breakfast on board, and once we finally got though customs (talk about a slow process!), we boarded a 'limo' for a wine tasting tour. We went to a number of wonderful wineries, and had a great lunch, each course paired with wines! Did I say we drank a lot of wine???. The tour lasted six hours, and we were happy to be getting to our hotel, the Oswego. As luck would have it, the hotel was also having a free wine tasting event for their guests! What could we do? Drink more wine!!

the pedicab

The next morning, surprise, we had more champagne with breakfast, and then set out to tour the city of Victoria for the day. We hired a pedi-cab. This buff young man pedaled us all around Victoria, even up to Beacon Hill Park, in a four seater! In addition to beacon hill park, we saw Mile 0 of the trans Canada Highway, reported to be the longest highway, if not in the world, at least in the Americas.

Mile 0

Naturally, we saw all of the 'touristy' places, and topped it off with afternoon tea at the Empress Hotel. While I am sure there are many equally nice places to have a high tea in Victoria, the Empress just seems like "the" place to go. We were served a wonderful meal by our attentive waiter, he even took photos for us! Our return trip aboard the Clipper was quite nice, much smoother riding that the outbound trip, and the weather even cleared off a bit, so you could almost see the mountains!

Once back on the Island, we did visit a few more places. The winery, in particular deserves it own post ( more promises of things to come!) All in all I had a great time visiting with my sister. I got to see some things in our area I had not seen before, as well as many things I had.

Travel, Whidbey Island.

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