Thursday, July 10, 2008

Rollerblading Police

Louvre Police

Back in April, I noticed that the protective entourage for the Olympic torch, on it's run through Paris, included 100 French National Police on rollerblades. French Olympic Torch Protection

"The flame will be surrounded by 65 policemen on motorbikes, 100 policemen on roller blades and 100 jogging firefighters."

Paris Police

Quite an impressive display of manpower, but I wondered if policemen on rollerblades was strictly a European idea. Apparently not, as the police in Jakarta are employing the same technique to fight traffic congestion:

I also found one enigmatic photo of Chinese Rollerblading Police. Chinese Rollerblade Police

I found one mention of police rollerblading in the US, a campus policeman at the University of Michigan has been rollerblading his beat for 10 years.

I also found that police in London trialed rollerblades, but reverted back to bicycles, as thieves soon found that cutting off the sidewalk onto grass put an end to any pursuit. So what do we think? Are rollerblading police the trend of the future, or simply an experiment with limited success?

Rollerblading on Whidbey Island.

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