Sunday, July 13, 2008

Chess boxing

As you know we have chess group every Monday night at 7:00PM. This group is one of my favorite groups that meet here and the guys and gal (so far there is just Patricia) are some of my favorite people. This group is fairly small and they have gotten to know each other pretty well as friends. I love watching them play chess and they continue to teach me a thing or two about this game.

As much as we enjoy playing chess, somehow I just cant quite imagine that we would get the same enjoyment if it was turned into the new sport combining chess and boxing. Check this out:

I would love to try this at Rockhoppers... maybe this winter? Any one know any ice sculptors on the island that might be game?

In the last year a few of our chess guys have been helping out at the schools by trying to teach chess to middle school and high school students as well as some home schooled children. They had their hands full but mostly they felt it was worth the effort and each of them felt the real need for chess to be included in our education system. Over the years I have heard several stories about other cultures that teach chess in the education system. I have to admit that I think this game would be a wonderful addition to our children's education. I did not think of it as a tool to use with children who are emotionally challenged. My last clip... (for this article!)

Chess on Whidbey Island.

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