Friday, July 4, 2008

3rd of July Fireworks!


Tonight we made our annual pilgimage to Freeland for their Fireworks display. Yes, I know it was only the 3rd of July, but that’s the day they have chosen to have their celebration. I’m sure there is a reason for this in the town’s history, but I am not aware of the why. I personally think they just like their fireworks, and by doing theirs on the 3rd, they can still go somewhere else for another display on the 4th!

In any case, as usual for our neck of the woods, it was a bit chilly. The forecast was for cloudy, chance of rain. We certainly had that, but the clouds were high enough not to hide any of the display. Fortunately, there were no thunderstorms around today. We have had several in the past 24 hours. Now, for those of you in the Midwest, the South and just about anywhere else, this wouldn’t be at all unusual. Here, thunderstorms are rare, and oddly enough usually in the winter. Strange weather… Back to my tale…


It was about 57 degrees, wind blowing around 4 - 10 mph, and humidity at 87%. Add to that we’re sitting on a hill overlooking the bay, it felt like it was about 30 degrees! Ah beloved Whidbey! Long sleeves, vest, coat, hat and gloves on the 4th of July! The true diehard natives wore sandals or flip-flops and shorts under their coats. Me, being the renegade transplant from sunny Arizona, stuck with jeans and shoes. Every year we laugh about the weather, while huddling under our blankets, but it just wouldn’t be the same if it were 85 degrees. We’d probably sit around talking about the years it was cold.

The fireworks were quite nice. For a small town to put on a display 24 minutes long is pretty impressive. There were of course a fair number of smaller shells, but they a enough of the big 12” mortars to keep it interesting. The variety of colors and shapes that can come out of a single shell is pretty amazing. That would almost be worth it’s own post.

All in all a pleasant evening. Traffic wasn’t too bad getting back home. Tomorrow it’s off to Dan & Rene’s for their annual 4th of July party, and the spectacular view from their deck. I’m looking forward to meeting the new grandbaby, and seeing everyone!

Fireworks on Whidbey Island.

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