Saturday, June 7, 2008



People forget the original purpose of including the game of Solitaire on the Personal Computer: To practice using the mouse. Back when I started using Windows, mouses were rare. When you got a mouse, it took some time to get acclimated to using the mouse. Solitaire provided a training tool for mouse skills. You have to click, drag, and double-click to play Solitaire on the computer, but you likely don't have to teach someone how to play the game.

Not only does it work, but I've used Solitaire to train an employee how to use the mouse. Back in 1992, I hired an administrative assistant from a local technical college. She'd had computer training, but had never used a mouse. She spent her first afternoon playing Solitaire, and was fine after that. Nowadays, people just assume you're goofing off if you're playing Solitaire.

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