Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rockhoppers is almost done with the Construction

Even if the construction is NOT almost done!! This has been a hard road to travel on. Here we are in the middle of summer and tourist season and well I might as well not even have the doors open. This last week we were closed to allow for the windows to be put in. Although the painting is not finished on that wall and windows have not been framed, the shop really is pretty much back in order. We are serving wine and beer and we are serving breakfasts and in July you will notice we are adding one dinner a week, generally in conjunction with music Saturday evening. I will only be preparing 20 meals and they will be served promptly at 6:00PM family style. The cost will be $20.00 per meal with $5.00 going to the musician that evening for a cover charge. The first meal will be July 5. We will be listening to Steve Jordan and he will have his CD release party that night. Dinner will be my homemade shredded beef or chicken enchiladas served on a bed of lettuce, corn, a green salad, nachos, and a few other surprises. You will get a choice of coffee, tea or juice. Espresso, Italian Sodas, Wine and Beer are also available, of course, at our normal prices.
If you can't come for dinner at least come in for the music! Sit and relax with a cold brew and some great music... what could be better?

So, along with the special dinners served once a week we are considering doing breakfasts beginning at 7AM. I am taking comments on this and considering it. It will require me to hire another person, and I will have to work with the health department to try and find a way to prepare the more choices for breakfast, but it is something I am considering. Right now I do serve a great breakfast beginning at 10AM during week days and 9AM on weekends. I await your comments about this venture.

So here we are and the weather is awesome. Next week we will be putting out our outdoor seating for the doggie café. So if you are out walking your dog and want some coffee and a wonderful, tasty, nutritious doggie biscuit for your best friend feel free to come on over. The "best friend" has to sit outside at the seating area but we will serve at the tables. The health department is very particular about no pets indoors.

We have some great music and events coming this month and I hope everyone will join us for the fun. I have been asked often about doing a painting class and routinely I have said "No, I don't think so." Well this month I am about to change my mind and you will note that I have scheduled two classes for this month. I will let you know more about the format and things later but note that they will be ongoing and some of them might be repeated. They will also be telecast on Rockhoppers blog. This should be a fun time for everyone.

Note also we are continuing with the jazz jam session on Sunday afternoons. This is an awesome couple of hours of really nice music and if you like to play jazz please come on over and join in! We would love to have more musicians join in.

So be sure and look for us in the papers! We have a lot going on at the Rockhopper and there will be much more in the future! Take care and be well!

Hoppin' at Rockhoppers on Whidbey Island.

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