Friday, June 13, 2008

Rene's Checking in

Hi everyone. Well it has been kind of crazy in our world lately. The telephone co. has been contracted out by the telephone company owner (Mrs. Henney) to do the construction on the front of our building. Right now it looks like a war zone with trucks in front of the building and wood up everywhere there were windows. Our side has not been done yet but it is getting there so WE WILL BE CLOSED TUESDAY JUNE 17TH THROUGH MONDAY JUNE 23. We will be canceling Michael Morales show on the 21 but will reschedule him for another date. Hopefully this will be the last time the remodel has an impact on us. It has been an awful two months. The landlady promises they will be finished the first part of July. Then we will be ready to go....

In the meantime, my youngest son, David and his girlfriend Helen, have moved back to Seattle. They will be moving into their own apartment on Capital hill next week. We are so happy to have them home and Helen is absolutely wonderful with a terrific sense of humor and of self. She absolutely does not let me get to her even when I insult her name (I promise I did not do it on purpose!)

My oldest son, Dan Adam is moving back with his wife and our two grandchildren at the end of this month. They should be here on the 27th. They are hoping to get into their house on the 28th. We are so excited to have them here!!!

So with all this going on, my mother called me yesterday and informed me she will be having open heart surgery on July 2. I will probably go to Boise the following week to help take care of her and help out around the house for a few days. It seems my vacations this year are all going to be forced ones and I do not forsee a trip to Disneyland any time in the near future.

So with the wonderful and the bad comes a certain level of stress and I have to admit I am about at the top of my stress meter! It will pass and things will calm down but until then the "stew is boiling" and a glass of wine on the front porch of our home is more wonderful than just about anything right now. Actually brandy is better than the wine but at this point I am not picky!

So hang in there folks.. We will be operating on a regular 7 day a week schedule right after July 4th. Remember we will be closed on July 3 and on July 4th.

Rockhoppers is on Whidbey Island.

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