Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, IT happened. you know, the inevitable realization that your computer is dead and now you have to buy a new one. My faithful machine of almost 6 years bit the dust this past week. It was nothing fancy, just a barebones model from Dell, but it has served me well. I went to burn a cd, and it wouldn't recognize my cd burner.

The Old Computer

Being the geek that I am, I opened it up and checked the connections, etc. Still no joy. After I turned it back on, it reported there was no drive 0. OOPS! Big-Time problem here! After much trouble-shooting, hindered by having no cd-rom, I've come to the conclusion the drive controller on the motherboard is kaput.

You know what that means.... Shopping for a new computer! Oh joy! To keep it reasonably short, I ordered up another barebones system from Dell. I decided to bravely give Vista a go, I may yet live to regret that choice. My new machine should be here next week.

I'm currently working with a Really old system that was out in my studio.

Dell Optiplex GX1

I had set it up as a Windows 98SE machine, whose primary purpose in life was to play music while I work in the studio. Of course, it had no antivirus software, no firewall, none of the multitude of programs that keep a computer safe on the internet. I didn't even have Firefox loaded!

Computer Virus Protection

So I spent most of a day getting all that taken care of. Did you know you can still get downloads that work with Win98??

All this has served to make me appreciate the new computer even more when it gets here!

Computers on Whidbey Island.

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