Friday, May 30, 2008

Whidbey Grown

topiary bunnies

So Dan is getting ready to post a series of things commercially grown on Whidbey. He is planning on calling it Grown on Whidbey. Well, I think we have a lot of things that are grown on Whidbey. Children, dogs, bunnies, cats, Trees.. Big trees, liberals, artists, blackberries, scotch broom, fish, slugs, well the list goes on and on. So he is going to do posts on things grown on Whidbey and I am going to post on Whidbey Grown things. This post is on bunnies.

Mostly this post is about bunnies because I love bunnies (except the ones that bite but then Mary sends them to "Iceland" for me so they are great served with gravy and I love them too.

I've had a number of people lately who are doing gardens and they are being overrun with bunnies... Here is some useful info about keeping the bunnies out. I say plant garlic around the area you do not want them in. The Newsroom gives these suggestions....

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