Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Religion of Comic Book Characters

Did you ever wonder what religion Superman was? How about Aquaman? Wonder Woman? How about Lex Luthor? Surprisingly, the religions of all these, and hundreds of other major comic book heroes, minor characters, and super-villians are known.

Religion is such an important force in society that even our fictional comic book characters, at some point in their 'lives', express their religious belief, or there is some other direct mention of their religion. The religion site maintains a list of these religious affiliations, and it's kind of fascinating.

Here's the rundown of the top super-heroes:

Superman         Methodist 
Spider-Man       Protestant 
Batman           Episcopalian/Catholic (lapsed) 
Wonder Woman     Greco-Roman Classical Religion 
Aquaman          Greco-Roman Classical Religion 
The Hulk         Catholic (lapsed) 
Captain America  Protestant 
Invisible Woman  Episcopalian 
Nightcrawler     Catholic 
Shadowcat        Jewish 
Daredevil        Catholic 
Hawkman          Egyptian classical religion 
The Thing        Jewish 
The Atom         Jewish (lapsed) 
Zatanna          Dianic Wiccan 
Elektra          Greek Orthodox 

There's also a page with photo montages of the super-heroes by religion. I've used a couple here. All-in-all, a very interesting and unusual web site.

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