Friday, May 2, 2008

It's May at Rockhoppers

So, I have to apologize for not posting lately. Dear hubby has been doing all the posts and running the shop for the last week. He gave me the wonderful gift of his cold and BOY did I GET IT! Anyway, it is leaving now and I am slowly recouping.

There are a few things to let you know about for this month. First, Mrs. Henny is going to have the facade of this building redone next week. This is a biggy for us since it means the entrance to Rockhoppers will have to be done through the back of the building instead of the front. I am told this will probably only be for next week but we will see. They need to see what kind of problems they encounter when they get into the existing facade. So there will be signs posted and please don't let the scaffolding scare you off. Parking will be along side of the building or in back of the building throughout the week. Please note that and we will be closed Wednesday and Thursday of this week only.

To make things even more interesting, there will be construction on the highway at some point this month. I am told they will start work at 8:00PM and end by 6:00AM but that does not help my evening activities. Please be patient and we will be open during this time as well. I am told this should only be for one week as well.

As for my beer and wine license... we have applied, are waiting to attend a mandatory class and then we should be getting it.. so I am hoping that maybe by Memorial Day weekend we will be able to serve beer and wine. We will be slightly expanding the menu at that time as well to include some Mexican dishes like enchiladas, nachos, and maybe tacos or taco salads. This is just in the works and has not been set yet but is being considered..

The new calendar for May has been posted and you can see we have a busy month planned. If you like jazz, or are a jazz musician, you may enjoy stopping by on Sundays beginning on the 18th to join our jazz Open mike. This will be hosted by Reagan Kee a professional jazz pianist. Come join us as we pass the Sundays away.

At the end of the month after all the renovations, we will be starting our doggy cafe'. You can come to Rockhoppers with your favorite pet, pull up a chair to our outdoor cafécafé table and you and your pet can enjoy Rockhopper coffees, sweets and doggy treats.

It is still my intentions to hold a Chautauqua type event here at Rockhoppers over Memorial Day weekend. The events are not fully scheduled yet but as soon as possible I will post about the weekend. So I guess that is it for this post. I hope it finds you all well and that may is a great month for all of us.

happenings at Rockhoppers on Whidbey Island.

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