Wednesday, May 14, 2008

An Introduction

HI all,

I was invited to write, and thought perhaps I should start by introducing myself. I'm Rene's geek friend, Mary. I fix flight simulators for a living. That's everything from the computer (both mainframes and pc's) to the hydraulics for the controls and motion. That means, on any given day I could be working with a two-foot-long wrench, or with a soldering iron under a microscope, or anything in between!

When I'm not working, my family and friends occupy a lot of my time. I have a cow, a dog, some cats and some chickens. Not all are pets, most have a job to do. The cow produces food, the chickens produce food, or else become food, the cats keep the mice and rats away, the dog shares unbiased, unlimited love to all things on two legs. ( Now, if we could only teach the cats to walk on two legs!) She also does dog agility.

I love all kinds of geekery! I love to tear things apart to see how they worked, sometimes I can put them back together and they still work! I'm hooked on Sudoku puzzles, and enjoy crossword puzzles, as well. I love music, almost any kind. I love to sing, I'm in the church choir as well as the local community chorus (Whidbey Community Chorus I love to read, generally science fiction or fantasy, but occasionally I branch out. My favorite author is Anne MacCaffrey. I love to bake, particularly cookies. Unfortunatley my waistline can't handle too much of that. (quality control, you know, someone has to taste test the cookies, usually extensively!)

I also love art. As you are aware from Rene's posts, I have been exploring the world of art first-hand of late. This has really stretched my logical brain to it's limits! I have found that what I enjoy most generally has little chance of coming out ordered and neat solely because of my efforts. This reduces the headaches involved from trying to maintain randomness. I have been doing printmaking both on paper and fabric. I have been dying fabrics and threads. I have been making felt. (wet-felting as opposed to needle-felting). All of this is done in my 'studio' in the old rabbit barn. ( I used to raise and show rabbits, but that's another story) I call it 'studio' vice Studio because, I've only been at this a short time, and hardly feel qualified to use the second term freely.

I plan to post on a variety of subjects, as you can see, there will be lots to choose from based on my top ten favorite things!


Hello Whidbey Island.

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