Monday, June 2, 2008

Happenings here at Rockhoppers

So we had a really good morning Saturday morning with a lot of people coming in for breakfast. It makes it really exciting when there is a lot of people because of our limited cooking abilities but we did really well this AM and everyone seemed happy. This week has been kind of an interesting week. We have started working on a new business plan and I have to say it is a challenge because of all the construction on the front of the building. I have many plans but have not been able to start any because I know it is only a little bit of time before I have my windows boarded up for a week while they replace a beam and all the windows. This will take about 4 to 6 days and we will close during that time. But when it is all finished it is time for a huge celebration and grand opening!! In the meantime we have been doing some planning.

Starting next month we will be hosting a live radio show here at Rockhoppers. The show will be hosted by Beverly Graham and Julie Keagan. It is a talk show that will deal with local issues and alternative healthcare ideas and will feature the local (as in the Pacific Northwest) art scene as well. You can come and participate in the question sessions, listen to the broadcasts and enjoy yourself while it is being broadcast. The dates are not determined yet and initially this will be a podcast and featured right here on our Rockhoppers Daily Grind website.

We are also putting together a new logo for Rockhoppers so that we can do some advertising using the mascot. I wont introduce the mascot until the logo is finished but it will be coming soon.

In case you didn't catch the Record, we have Mark O'Malley's new pieces up this month and he is our featured artist. We also have more of Anne's work as well. So stop by and check out the art, have some coffee and enjoy the company.

Our Sunday Jazz Jams are turning out wonderful. Reagan had three other musicians in to play with him and we are hoping that all of you musicians who enjoy doing jazz might like to come join in with him. The time is every Sunday at 2:30PM.

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