Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Dual-Mode Bus-Tram


As several people have pointed out, there may not be enough passenger traffic on Whidbey Island to make my ferry-to-ferry tram system worthwhile. Well, technology has a way of filling needs, and the DMV vehicle from Japan may fill our need for a bus and tram system. dual mode vehicle

Instead of relying on just a bus, or just a tram, the DMV is a bus, and a tram! Capable of converting to rail service in under a minute, the 25-passenger bus saves money and energy by leveraging the efficency of rail travel. Otherwise as convenient as a bus, these vehicles could become our staple for Island Transit. bus tram

There's usually a technology solution for any transportation problem. Now we just need to convince ourselves to get out of our cars, and into public transport. Here's a video of the DMV in action:

Bus trams on Whidbey Island.

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