Monday, May 19, 2008

Country Music?

taylor swift wet

I was pretty dismayed when country music devolved into a bunch of long-haired guys with electric guitars, and again when country music swallowed whole the notion of patriotic devotion without question.

Last night, however, country music really confounded me with the performance by new cutie Taylor Swift. It's a wonderful performance, she's truly a gifted performer. But to call her music 'country' truly stretches the definition. I guess if you put the right 'twang' to it, any pop music can become 'country'. anthony easterwood

It seems to me that the boundaries of music genres are either stretching or disappearing. Not that I mind, good music is good music, no matter the genre. We get a wide variety of live music here at Rockhoppers, in fact this coming weekend we've got a country performer. Anthony Easterwood will be here at 7:00pm on Saturday. If you like music, and particularly if you like country music, come and support live music on our island. birthday cake

Happy 18th birthday Taylor, and happy 25th, David.

Country music on Whidbey Island.

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