Monday, June 16, 2008

Conquer Club

Conquer Club

Update: The servers crashed, and my games also timed out -- if you joined before, you have to join again. See the new game numbers below. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do you like to play Risk? There's a fantastic, free, on-line implementation of the game Risk, called Conquer Club. Not affiliated with Hasbro or the game Risk, Conquer Club has all the features of the classic game, and much, much more. Classic Map

One of the main features is the wide variety of interesting maps created by the Conquer Club community. Since joining Conquer club, I've played Malta, US Senate, Philosphy, Discworld, American Civil War, Asia, Canada, Ancient Greece, Italy, France, New York City, a college campus, South America, Texas Wars, Middle Earth, the New World, and a dozen others. The variety is amazing! There's even a game shaped like a Crossword -- each 'word' is a country. Age of Realms Map

Not only are the maps interesting, but the different options for play are fascinating. The players turns can proceed as normal, one-at-a-time, or everybody can play at once. You can also play with 'fog of war', meaning you can only see who owns what in adjacent countries. Coral Coast Map

Conquer Club is free to play 4 games at a time, but the games can take weeks to play, since to make sure everyone gets a chance, each player has 24 hours to make their move. If you want to play unlimited numbers of games, set up your own, and access the many other features of Conquer Club, it only costs a few dollars per month for premium membership. Are you interested in playing? I've set up 4 private games, exclusively for readers of Rockhoppers Daily Grind. CCU Map

Game 2661504 is a traditional Risk map, played just like the Hasbro game, set up for 6 players with normal turns.
Game 2661524 is the Age of Realms, control castles, towns, and resources. Play is freestyle, so all 6 players at once, sets are worth a flat rate, and fortifications are unlimited.
Game 2661534 is the Cairns Coral Coast, with 8 players.
Game 2661544 is a fictional college, 6 players, with fog of war.
Password for all is: Rockhoppers

Register at Conquer Club to play all four games, or up to four others of your choosing, for free. It will only take a few minutes a day, and should be a lot of fun! May the Dice be with you.

Risk on Whidbey Island.

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Twill said...

I'll take you up on the offer :)

Game on!

Thanks for the mention on your blog. Glad you're having fun.

If there is anything any of you or your readers would like to see improved, changed, dropped or tweaked, send me a line on the site and we'll see if/where we can add it in to the dev cycle.

See you on the site!
Have a good one,

Community Manager

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