Friday, May 9, 2008

The Band's Visit

The Band's Visit is a quiet little slice-of-life movie. Simply put, an Egyptian police band arrives in Israel for a concert, and gets lost. Not much happens in the movie, and the characters are stoic to the point of distraction. That said, this is a well-filmed movie with deep themes and terrific acting. I'm sure that there are layers of nuance that Americans miss in this film, because of the history between Israel and Egypt. The film is in English, Israeli, and Arabic, with English subtitles. This works very well, I like having subtitles, even when the film is in English, when the accents are sometimes thick.

The Clyde theatre presentation was less than perfect, again. I think I'll have to speak to the management, again. Anyway, The Band's Visit is a nice art film, definitely worth seeing, even though not much happens. I give it a Shot in the Dark

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