Sunday, April 27, 2008


I went to see Semi-Pro tonight. It's a stupid comedy -- no, really, that's the official designation from the film industry. But that's all right, I happen to like stupid comedy. Will Ferrel has made a career playing stupid comedies. This one is, like most of the genre, rated R. The rating must have been for language, because other than that and some sexual dialogue, there wasn't much to earn an R. It was disconcerting to see the 10-year olds in the audience. Hey, people? Leave the kiddies at home, OK? They don't need to hear about, well, what the movie talked about. Not for a few more years, anyway.

Usually a stupid comedy will go too far -- potty humor, gross-out humor, or situations spinning too far away from the realm of possibility. This one doesn't. Sure, it's full of stupid situations, but there's a sweet backstory, and the acting is solid. I think the editing really saves this film -- before things can get out of control, the editors pull the film back on track. It's a little disturbing that the bear in the film turned out to be a killer for real, but it certainly ties in with the story.

Overall, I'm going to give this one a Shot in the Dark. There are some very funny scenes, and if you like this type of film, I predict it's going to be great on DVD.

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