Sunday, April 13, 2008

Maasai Warriors in London

Six Maasai warriors ran the London Marathon today. They were running to raise money to drill a well for their village. Clean water is a real problem for the Maasai; they currently share a waterhole with wild animals, and they've lost some children to predation. The event had quite a lot of media interest in England.

Video interview by BBC:

Here's a story about the chief's impressions of the trip, at The Guardian. "We heard about showers before, in a briefing about the country. It said be careful - when the shower is hot it is really hot, and when cold, really cold. This is true."

Here's a story about the guide to western culture they were given before the trip, at The Telegraph. "You may see these animals in a field, seemingly left alone. It is important to remember that these animals are owned by someone and are being looked after."

Found at Nothing to do with Arbroath.

Maasai on Whidbey Island.

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