Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Bank Job

The Bank Job is a good movie. Based on actual events, the film portrays a web of crime and deceit, on both sides of the law, that are incredible. The acting is very good, and the portrayal of 1970's London is excellent. The only fault in the set design is that the period vehicles used are all too perfect -- they look like they are collector items, because they clearly are collector items.

Rene and I really enjoyed the movie, I liked it better than the last two movies I saw. How sad is it that Semi-Pro and The Bucket List, two Hollywood movies with big budgets and huge stars, would not be as good as this simple story from England? Jason Statham is becoming one of our favorite actors. We've enjoyed pretty much all of the films he's done. Of course, we're big action-film fans, so it's no surprise that his films appeal to us.

This one gets a Single Shot.

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