Friday, March 21, 2008

Salary Tool

Indeed dotcom has an interesting salary tool. You can compare salaries from various professions. Some of the results are interesting, others are truly profound.

Check out the difference between men and women, and note the reversal in top salary when esthetics are applied:

woman $33,000

beautiful woman $213,000

man $29,000

handsome man $234,000

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This one seems all right, until the last two entries.

I knew cats were popular, but this is ridiculous:

dog $19,000

goat $20,000

mule $24,000

squirrel $37,000

cat $62,000

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One more. This one makes me sad, because it's pretty accurate, except for the end. If only....

Found at Two Legs and a Pair of Eyes. Thanks, kiddo.

Salaries on Whidbey Island.

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This tool is very cool.

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