Saturday, March 1, 2008


I was visiting the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum a few years ago, and stopped to rest and check the map. I had just come out of the mineral and cave exhibit, where it was nice and cool, and the heat of the summer desert felt really good. I noticed something move to my right, and turned to look -- nothing. I went back to my map, trying to figure out where I was, when something moved to my right again. I looked again, and WOW! Lying right next to me was a cougar! It's ear was flicking every once in a while, as it lay in the shade.

Closer examination revealed the very secure glass wall between me and the cougar, checking the map I saw a notation: Cougar. Yep, I thought, that's where I'm at all right. Lovely zoo, excellent exhibits. Whenever I see a picture of a cougar, I think of that day.

Here's a nice gallery of cougar pictures, found at The Presurfer. For some reason, cougar pictures make great vectorized images. I've vectorized all of these pictures, because I like them so much.

Cougars on Whidbey Island.

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