Friday, March 14, 2008

Open Mic 3/14/8

Here's the recording of our weekly open mic, every Friday. Great, great open mic tonight. We started with Will Jobsen, then Robert Boneish, then Russ Lamb, and then Vinnie Labrador too! The guys also jammed in various combinations -- instigated by Vinnie.

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vicente said...

For Vinnie Labrador,
Hello from Guam. Enjoyed the rendition of Fever on Rockhoppers? Mic nite. Clinton, WA?
Jan and I were married June 21, much the same way you and Juliette got married (recall you called me at work around 3 and asked if I could stop by the apartment; you were out looking for a preacher; you had ta get married that day, Juliette's last day on the visa) - I just happened to have a preacher's name on my desk at the base. She and I and Zane, our daughter, and our witnesses, good friends Phil and Renee Harrison were the only attendees and preacher Jeff Johnson.
How are u Vinnie?
ben santos

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