Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hot or Not, for Websites

Certainly you remember Hot or Not, the website where you compare photos of people, selecting which one is 'hotter'. Now there is a similar site for comparing web pages. Web designers are excited, and terrified, about CommandShift3. How will they do compared to all the other web pages out there?

CommandShift3 is, apparently, the keyboard sequence for screen capture on Macs. If you want see how your website will stand up to the comparison, you can add your site here. Go to CommandShift3 today, and maybe you'll get to vote for Rockhoppers Daily Grind. You can see how RDG is doing on this page.

Found at Didn't You Hear?, which is doing poorly in the contest. I don't understand this, I think that the site is gorgeous.

Command yourself to Whidbey Island.


David said...

sweet. now I know how to do screen captures. I new it was possible.

Dan said...

I'm LMAO -- this is the last place you should be coming for MAC tips. OTOH, Didn't You Hear? is a great resource. He's a MAC fan, and always has good resources.

David said...

what the heck is OTOH?

Dan said...

On The Other Hand.

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