Thursday, March 27, 2008

Easter Greetings & Caption Contest

Update: Bumping the caption contest for those who missed it this weekend. Come on, this illustration is too good to go uncaptioned!

What's the chicken in the background saying?

Here's a nifty gallery with 110 years of Easter greeting cards. It's time for another caption contest, using the card above, from 1968. Leave your caption in the comments.

Found at Ursi's Blog.

Easter on Whidbey Island.


Dan said...

He gets this way every year.

Bunk said...

Dang, Dan, I can't come up with anything that's not obscene or racist. All I know is that I wouldn't wanna go through life with a pecker on my face.

Kim said...

Damn, that bunny said she was going to hide these things so the girls wouldn't find out what we were up to...

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